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?If you do want to read it, great! ? I interact with several people who have blogs and I?ve made some great friends by doing my own. We had our own blogs on that site and I was scared of losing all the personal stuff.?I respect everyones opinion so here?s mine. If anything though, it?s reminded me what this blog is all about and I?m even more motivated than I was before. As a result, Father Fitness was born. It?s a free online resource all about health and fitness. Obviously as a blog owner, I took offense to something being said like that. ? I?m 33 and grew up with the introduction of the world wide web while at school. While Amy was pregnant with Adam, I setup a blog sharing our experiences as first-time parents. It was a tweet suggesting that unless you?re someone important, you shouldn?t have a blog. I signed up to Total Warrior last year on the back of someones recommendation, found on their blog. When I got into health and fitness again, guess what I did? ? I love to blog, it?s like my hobby. I run a design agency by day so I found setting up this blog very easy. Just like someone setting up a Facebook page really. A blog is just a personal diary and if you don?t want to read it, don?t. This probably sounds like justification and perhaps it is. I?m going to continue with my journey and I encourage you all to be part of it. We were approached by a company last year who were interested in buying the site from us. I guess I?m just letting something that was said in a split second get to me.I read something on Twitter last weekend that touched a nerve. That?s what it?s all about, sharing experiences. ? I started a couple of years ago?with my mate Deano. For example, my Brother and I got into darts a few years ago so I created a blog for fellow fans. If you were to ask me what I do for a living? I?d say a Husband and Father first, followed by a designer and then closely followed by a blogger. ? Thanks again for reading and remember, it?s just a blog. Plus, could you imagine Googling a subject and not seeing any results

The same goes for BMI, so watch this space. Now who doesn?t want to live longer!? So before you rule out lifting weights because you don?t want big muscles, think again. ? A few weeks later he sent these tweets: ?I tend to avoid questions about my gym routine. ? While watching Embarrassing Bodies the other night we discovered that Dr Christian?s Body Fat Percentage was just under the recommended 8-19%. ? His popularity has gone sky high over the past few years due to and .? He also added ?I?ve developed my workout and diet to suit my metabolism and the way my body grows and responds. Also on Twitter, I became aware that Dr Christian does zero cardio. He stands at 6?2? and weighs in at 14 stone. I watch these programmes with Amy but it?s also his dedication on Twitter that I like too. I might do a post in the future that shows you all the percentages and what?s healthy and what?s not. You could lose 40% more fat while weight training and you could burn more calories too. Update I tweeted Dr Christian last night. I don?t really do that kind of thing but I wanted him to read my article to make sure what I was saying was accurate. He?s doesn?t get paid for tweeting but you can guarantee he?s on there every few hours answering peoples questions. Copying my routine if you?re a different body type won?t work.If there was one person in the World right now I?d like to meet and share a pint with, that person would be . I was delighted when he replied and he had actually read my article! I?ve uploaded a screen grab to the left so you can see his reply. They?re not Dr Christian! I?m unsure about his diet plan but I?d love to know. ? I?m not sure what Dr Christian?s exact workout routines are but I know he does body splits. You can follow Dr Christian too ? For those of you that do know who Dr Christian is, you?ll know he?s a Doctor and that he?s ripped! I mean this guy has a superhero body. It?s like he?s gone away to a sculpter and asked for his body to be chiseled in the shape of Superman. He?s mentioned that on Twitter before and always hash tags them as boring tweets. This figure is for males between the age of 20-40 years old.? ? Thanks for reading and maybe one day I?ll get the chance to meet Dr Christian over that beer. ? Weight training has a number of advantages, like keeping your body looking young. That?s right folks, zero! Some of you will be thinking how on earth can he have a body like that and be so fit and healthy, when he does no cardio? The answer is simple, he weight trains. That?s because when it comes to exercise, what works for me may well not be right for you. Weight training helps build stronger bones, gives you more flexibility, helps you sleep better, it?s a stress reliever and can add years on to your life. The show were quick to point out that Body Fat % is completely different to calculating your BMI so don?t get the two confused. Some are funny, some are strange, some are unfortunately, just down right nasty. Women?s for the same age is slightly higher at 21-33%

The photos you see are of me and my family and friends and I have taken part in these events. For me, I have a firm rule. My friend Stephen tweeted me again the other night to say the wine bottle was calling his name. 1. Sensible Drinking It?s something I?ve always battled with but it?s something I always win. Therefore I must be doing something right. I think with the extra addition of freezing cold weather and possibly snow, this challenge will be exactly that, a challenge. This site is real. Bupa have an excellent page available called . It only takes a few minutes of your time and three questions. He?s currently recovering from a calf injury so I?ve said if he?s fit to run, we?ll take it easy. He had some wise words for me about injury too.5 miles. Looking after yourself really doesn?t have to cost the earth. For me it?s a case of letting my hair down now and then and it also reminds me not to take my training too seriously. I was just chatting with the Mrs about this website and how it?s going and where I see it in a few months. This was my first dance song on my wedding night. It?s a great little tool and a one that I highly recommend. You should always allow your liver two full days to recover after having a drink of alcohol anyway. This rule of course can be broken and I do so myself sometimes but make sure it?s only sometimes. Check it out! 3.I recently did a post over at 4Ever Fitness about a brilliant range of free apps that are available on the Bupa website. The most I?ve ran this year is 7. These include things like your health background and goals and then you will be presented with your own programme. Running Health Check For those of you that don?t already know, I?m running 60 miles for Percy Hedley over Christmas. I?ve been training for a few years now, mostly injury free and I feel in great shape. Injury Prevention and Recovery Running for 12 days in a row will be tough on me as I?ve never done anything like this before. No drinking on a school night. Sensible drinking is just an act of discipline but it can be done. 2. It?s full of great?advice written by their sports medicine team to avoid running injury. Good luck over this festive period! ? The best things in life really are free. If you?re new to running or are aiming for a personal best, Bupa have a great little tool available called the .?Bupa have a great page available for you all called and it?explains how you can all enjoy alcohol sensibly as part of a healthy lifestyle.5 miles and my run on New Years Day is an estimated 9. I may not have all the certificates in sports science but one thing I can hopefully offer on this site is motivation, inspiration and real life stories. A healthy person is a happy person so what are you waiting for? ? Thanks again for reading,. Eat sensibly and exercise using your own body weight or use a cheap set of dumbbells. I tweeted him back with some words of wisdom and I think it worked. ? Everyone I know enjoys a drink, I certainly do. I?d like to discuss a few more with you now and they?re very relevant to my up and coming charity Christmas challenge. Touch wood, I?ve never really had a serious injury, not one that?s kept me out of training for more than a few days anyway. ? My next door neighbour Bill has kindly offered to run 6 of the days with me, one day on and one day off. There?ll be some people reading this thinking an average of 5 miles a day is easy, well I?ll see you at 11:30pm on Christmas Eve then! Haha

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